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Influential Lowcountry Sites

Archives & Records of the Plantations of South Carolina
This archive contains information on most South Carolina plantations, and the people who lived and worked on them. You can search for plantations by name, or browse by county.

Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World (CLAW)
This program emphasizes the importance of the Carolina Lowcountry to the rest of the South.  Includes resources on the transatlantic slave trade, and coastal commerce and culture.

Georgetown County Digital Library
This rich site features more than 20 collections with thousands of photos, newspapers, journals, and letters. 

Lowcountry Digital Library
This digital library includes videos, books, photos, and documents.  Browse through through over 50 collections from 8 different institutions, or use their search engine.

South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office
Includes many free resources, including information and lesson plans on historic properties, African American heritage, and archeology. 

South Carolina University Libraries Digital Collections
This online library includes thousands of books, music, photos, maps and historic documents.  

icon South Carolina in the National Register
Many of South Carolina’s plantations can be found on the National Register of Historic Places.  This website organizes historic sites by county, and also provides an option to search for properties by location, owner, and topic. Available data includes photos, maps, description of the property, and the complete text of the Register nomination forms.

University of South Carolina Press
View the Press's complete catalog of books, and learn about new releases and publicity events. The site includes a listing of books about South Carolina, with summaries, author biographies, and peer recommendations. 

Carolina Gold Rice Foundation
This site is full of information on Carolina Gold Rice, including recipes and local vendors.  It includes issues of the foundation’s newsletter The Rice Paper, which includes historical and botanical information on heirloom grains.


Ace Basin National Wildlife Refuge
Includes information on the historical significance, natural history and wildlife of the Ace Basin. Also includes information on

ricon Caw-Caw Nature and History Interpretive Center
Includes photos and visitor information

Grove Plantation
Sponsored by the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, this page includes photographs and a brief history of the plantation.

ricon Magnolia Plantation
The home site of the Charleston plantation and gardens. Includes history, photos, and visitor information.

ricon Middleton Place
Includes history, photos, and visitor information.

South Carolina Plantations
This site has information on more than 2,000 plantations, and is a great resource for both tourists and researchers.  The site organizes plantations by name and by county, and also identifies inns, plantations open for tours, and plantations that are included in public parks.

African Lowcountry

After Slavery Project
This site has many resources on life in the Carolinas after the Civil War.  The online classroom is filled with primary sources including letters, newspaper articles and court transcripts.

ricon Lowcountry Africana
A site rich in resources about African heritage in the Southern rice region. Includes genealogical records, books, and other valuable research materials.