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Lowcountry Time and Tide: The Fall of the South Carolina Rice Kingdom

By: James H.Tuten

Lowcountry Time and Tide: The Fall of the South Carolina Rice Kingdom (University of South Carolina Press) will be available in September. The book offers a thorough account of rice culture's final half-century and explores its legacy down to the present day. Lowcountry Time and Tide offers a new vision of the agricultural, environmental, economic, cultural, and climatic forces stacked against planters, laborers, and millers struggling to perpetuate the rice industry through the postbellum years and into the hardscrabble twentieth century.

Lowcountry Time and Tide has been named a finalist for the 2010 George C. Rogers Prize for best book on South Carolina History. For more information, visit our page at USC Press. If you're looking to purchase the book, you may do so at the following links!

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What People are Saying About This

"James H. Tuten's Lowcountry Time and Tide is the richest and most complete study ever written on the decline and ultimate demise of the South Carolina rice industry. Tuten's broadly cast, deeply researched, and gracefully written book at once fills a large gap in the literature and provides important new insights into the history and legacy of rice culture in coastal South Carolina. In so doing, Lowcountry Time and Tide immediately takes its place among the indispensable books on the subject."

  Peter A. Coclanis   Historian